First Bug of the Day

It occured when doing the first ‘challenge’ battle using the default fleet.
It was fairly fatal.
On the plus side, I’m impressed by the game! It ran smoothly (until it crashed) and the music is good. I was pleasantly surprised to see some unlockable items! :smiley:

When giving orders to multiple ships - specifically ‘escort’ - there’s a couple of hard to describe issues, for example when you drag-select the next group of ships the orders pane thinks they’re already escorting people.

Also, way too easily to accidently hit ‘escape’ and leave the deploy screen, erasing all your hard work! ;_;

– Edit - Once in awhile drag select doesn’t like me, either. ;_;

— EditEdit - Would love some ‘notches’ on the drag bars for setting range orders for common ranges (multiples of a hundred, say.)

Holy cow. How on earth can the intersect code fail? Oh well, I guess I have stuff to investigate. Thanks guys.
Any tips on how to reproduce that intersect thing would be awesome, but I doubt it’s possible to know what triggered that just from looking at a battle.

Cliffskit here’s another one.

In design mode, opened a Federation Leopard design. Added components. Named it “Leopard Torpedo Bomber”. Saved it.

The save dialogue presented me with an all lower-case name and after saving the design name was now in all lower-case. Being slightly OCD about capitalization, I saved the design again and changed the name in the save dialogue to feature capital letters. Crash.

Not so gamebreaking - tried to save a Fox frigate with three sets of cruiser missiles - it switches them to anti-fighter missiles when I save. :frowning:

Seems to be a problem registering online - if you click ‘submit code’ first thing, it crashes. :frowning:

hi, do you get an error for that submit code crash? is it possibly a firewall blocking the game?

Unfortunately not - just a generic ‘GSB.EXE has stopped working, windows will notify you of a solution’. I’m on vista. The way I got the crash was to boot up, first thing click ‘online’ and then immediately (without entering a code or anything) click ‘submit code’. If I’m careful not to click submit code first, and actually enter my purchase code, it works, though.

Ah cheers, that sounds like a really stupid ommission on my part. I’ll make sure it gets fixed! Thanks for reporting it

When I try and run a fleet against my own challenge, unfortunately I get a GSB.EXE has failed iwndows will notify you of a solution type error.

I spotted that trying to crush your fleet. It seems that challenge fleet is corrupted, and its happened somewhere with formations. it seems that you might have added a formation order, but not assigned it to a target ship. the game should trap that and discard it, but somehow it has not done so :frowning:

! I think that might be because when I hit shift-f to capitalize ‘F’ it brought up the formations dialogue while I was typing! Lemme reload that challenge…

– Edit: Interestingly, now the mirror-fight works! And there’s some slightly odd bits where a frigate gets knocked around - halfway across the map - by fire? Weird! Wonderful! :smiley: