Opportunity to test patch 1.24 in advance

If you would like to test the new patch which changes the following:

[code]version 1.24

  1. Mouse input system rewritten to use the windows mouse cursor, and to work much more fluidly than before
  2. You can now no longer unlock a ship hull until its owning race is already unlocked
  3. Leaving the deployment screen now always closes the module details dialog if it is open.
  4. Fixed crash bug where it crashed on fight or save if playing a challenge on a map that was not unlocked yet.
  5. Fixed minor graphics glitch where some beam weapons drew reflections very slightly before the beam hits a shield.
  6. Challenge history window now closes automatically when you leave the challenge screen.
  7. Fixed bug where the game would be too far zoomed in with large monitors and small maps, giving rise to a graphical glitch on the far right of the screen.
  8. Docked ships are no longer incorrectly drawn on the minimap.
  9. Added variable fighter squadron sizes feature.[/code]

The full patch is now released. if you downloaded this one, you MUST redownload it again and re-apply it, to be up to date!


damn. can’t seem to follow your instructions to the letter, so i can’t get this goddamn thing sent to me. when will the patch become live? EDIT: wait, i misunderstood you. heh heh. ME WILL HAVE PATCH MUAHAHAHAHA! k, cliff. email’s a-sitten’ in your inbox. :smiley: