Fix needed

Ok first off I love doing challenges. But you see that’s the problem. It seems a lot of challenges I want to play require the expansion packs. Now if it’s a simple matter of “I can’t let you play the swarm because you don’t own a copy of that code” I understand. but what if the enemy isn’t an expansion race? sometimes it still doesn’t work…
Any fixes for this other than $5.99

When somebody sends a challenge, they’re given a checklist of packs that it requires. They all start out checked, whether or not you used anything from them…not sure why it does that rather than just looking at what content you put in the challenge.

Also, it appears that mods have a similar effect.

Oh, and sorry about the swarm-based retaliation in light of this…

Yea that’s kinda messed up when you get a retaliation you can’t play. lol oh well.
I would like to ask for better compatibility checking. Maybe as Ulzgoroth said just check what’s in the package.

It’s also possible the challenge used a map you don’t have. Also I think cliffski is working on just identifying any extras for the campaign mode, which might also be applied to the main game.

In general, people just need to be more diligent about unchecking those boxes is they don’t need to be checked, and being aware of whether your selected background is expansion material or not. (I know some of the expansion backgrounds are muy awesome, but for some challenges you might want to stick to the core-game material if you want lots of people to throw themselves against your indefatigable fleet.)