[Fixed 1.02][Bug 1.00] Is it a bug or error ?

24/1/2017 - 18::6 - Error! Dupe component add coming up:…\src\SIM_ProductionSlot.cpp 318.

23/1/2017 - 17::1 - Unknown Building Zone Type:…\src\SIM_Mission.cpp 220

affter this error the game are dead and must restart . alt/del and kil the proces then you can restart the game.

sorry for the bad engels

is this in version 1.00 or version 1.01? I think both are fixed in upcoming 1.02, and the first one should be harmless if its in a log, and fixed if you still have 1.00 in the next patch.

yes versie 1.0

Last time i manually installed 1.01. Today i saw for a moment on startup, that it is looking for updates. But i don’t know, if the update was succesful, or what version am i using.
I am building a huge factory, spent 2 hours, and then crashed during the save, made the save file corrupted :frowning: I save every 10 minutes, and changing the save name, so i lost only a few things :slight_smile: How the autosave supposed to work?
I started to experience some noticable performance drop, after 1.5 hours of playing. (i7-3770, 8GB DDR3, GTX 650Ti, win7)
Should i send the my save file? The performance drop, or the save corrupted ones?

autosave is in 1.02 which isn’t released yet (hopefully today). There is also a crash bug with very big games which is fixed in 1.02, which only happens during save. Performance definitely shouldn’t be an issue, so I’m happy to look at a game that has performance issues, if you email it to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk.