[Fixed 1.23][Bug 1.22 Steam] SatNav inventory used on every model

While only one of my car models has a checkmark to use the SatNav, the other two models are still consuming a SatNav from the Fit Electronics stock. After consuming the SatNav, they don’t list a SatNav under their features.

Oh dear, this seems to be the case. I am investigating right now… Thankyou for reporting it, its really helpful and definitely not something I noticed.


It is like that on every station I think. Each station adds whatever the upgraded components are. So if you have leather seats it uses leather on every car that goes through the seat station, regardless of whether it gets leather or not. I just ran a bare bones car through a cycle of a basically fully upgraded line and at the fit trunk stage, for example, it took a trunk, a servo, and a spoiler but the car had none of those features on it visually or in the feature list. I’m assuming that the coding for something like that is fairly easy (relatively speaking) to tell it not to choose components that don’t belong on the car. However, I can think of some other instances where it is the same sort of problem but isn’t caused by additional components being added. For instance, at the add roof stage when you upgrade all the way to panoramic sunroof it replaces the part “sunroof” with the more expensive “panoramic sunroof”. So if you have a car that goes through that process with the option for a base sunroof it will come out visually with a basic sunroof and with the feature of sunroof but it uses a panoramic sunroof as the component. A climate control unit will go into a car with just air conditioning selected and whatever lights you have upgraded to will go in to a car with no upgraded lights. I believe the same holds true for start-stop engines as well.