[Bug <1.77>] <Fit electronics required too early> FIXED: see below

I started a game using a zig-zag pattern across the available space. For each “long” section, I started with chassis, body, paint, etc. One in each. As I research, any particular part of the process can be rebuilt without having to move the others. You get the idea.

As I finished the build out of Body section, the game is complaining about something in “Fit Electronics” Either the error is mislabeled, or you have a dependency you shouldn’t have. Looking at the build list, I can’t determine what is missing, if anything.

I have a zip file with my saves and the debug folder.

I don’t know how to submit zip files with this report. There isn’t an obvious option. If you can provide a way, I will post the zip.

I’m making the assumption that the build menu in game, has the dependencies from top to the bottom. I don’t know of anything after doors, and all the unlocked items for that station are turned on, and available to install on the vehicles.

BTW, I am absolutely, loving this game. Great job!

My body section is as follows:
Fit body shell
Fit hood
Fit trunk
Fit bumpers
Fit bottom trim
Fit arches
Fit vent
Fit roof
Fit doors

Demolishing the section, and complexly rebuilding it, did nothing.

Wait… Adding the fit door subsections seems to have corrected the problem. Sorry.

Ran into this problem again. It was caused by the quality check station next in line. The vanilla quality check does not recognize a incomplete car, but is confusing because the error is flagged at the station prior, instead of at the inspection. You should fix that, at least.

I just ran into this issue also. It would be good if the basic quality check could accept unfinished cars and just skip unnecessary steps at that point in production (like emissions test before the engine is installed).

Once you get the breakdown of the quality check, you can do just visual inspection before the car is complete. It will detect those kinds of defects and if you have a rework station, you can fix them at that point. I don’t know at which point a visual and performance check would be allowed, without the emissions check. It’s been my experience since then, that having intermediate inspections doesn’t buy you all that much. I’ve taken the intermediate inspections out, and done it all at the end.