Fledgling Country

Any possibility of a campaign where you start as a newly formed country with a minimal amount of policies (income tax, police force, military) in place, a number of emergencies and a high level of political capital. It might be a good reflection of some of the countries that became democracies or change leadership during the Arab Spring.

This is possible.
In the folder /data/mission you will find the countries uk, france, germany, us, canada and australia.
Copy one of these folder and rename this new one to your favorite name.
The open your new folder and rename the textfile in this folder to your new country name.
Open this txt file and delete the lines after [policies].
And you have a cuntry without any policies.


That sounds good. Is it also possible to add and remove policies, national emergenies, states of being in this manner?

Yes it is.
In case you have copied one of these country folders to your own. You can’t destroy the game itself. Feel free to add some policies for your country. In case that something is wrong with your new country txt file, no problem. In this case the game will crush, but only if you play your own country.

I’ve had a look at the files. I don’t see anything about the emergency situations. Are they just automatically created from the state of the nation. Also their are seperate files with “Grudges”. Should these be deleted for the new country.

Those are ‘situations’ defined in \data\simulation\situations.csv, and they trigger based on criteria set for each one. I shall write up details about all this for modding in due course.

Ok so when creating a custom country they will automatically be added based on the statistics and policies I create in that country?

I would say yes, at minimum after the 2nd turn.

Actually they get pre-added, because the game silently simulates 30 turns of the simulation before the game begins :smiley:

Oh that’s good. I’ll get to work on my country so.

It might be neat to have a ‘failed state’ scenario that has temporary buffs from ‘international support’ for the first 1-2 terms. Start with almost no policies enacted and tons of problems like the original post said.