Focus on Linux (not sure if this is right place for a "bug report")

After opening the program on Linux, you’re unable to alt+tab or click on a different program.
Once you change focus to a different program Democracy 4 takes it back.
I’ve tried both with and without proton experimental, and the issue is the same in both. If you switch it to a Window, the problem goes away, but you’re also unable to set it to be sized to be 2560x1440.

Hi, Welcome back! This is the right place for a bug report!

Currently D4 is not directly supported on Linux, but maybe you can find some solution on a Linux forum before Cliff sees this.

Sorry, I was unaware that linux wasn’t officially supported as steam doesn’t even tell you at this point :slight_smile:
I don’t have the issue with any other games/programs though. It looks like it’s been around for a few versions. As seen here with the feedback from NiPfi

One bug that I’ve had on both Windows and Linux is not being able to click through and while doing the same action twice doesn’t reproduce the issue it happens roughly 1 in 5 times when trying to go from one display to another such as when in unemployment and trying to click on one of the factors of it or the other way around inside of a policy and trying to go to its effects.

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Not to worry! Now that you have posted your issue here, Cliff will look at it shortly and get back to you. If he doesn’t in a few days time, I would suggest sending him a PM.