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I’m not seeing a lot of movement right here in the Forum but I choose to write anyway…

I’m playing the game for a long time and after a lot of reading I started to create mods too. But there is a little problem. I don’t understand the following stats:

  • income and expenditure numbers: how the numbers posted in the mods affect our funds during the game?
  • the events effects: i don’t undestand this for example --> “cultur,0.05+(0.8*x)”

I’m thinking to make a brazil mod. I started with some normal events in here, like corruption, and made three of them. There is its texts:


#,healthscandal,“Health Scandal”,“A public hospital administrator was arrested after charge for services or supplies that are supposed to be free. After the announcement of the director arrest by the press a lot of people who had paid for similar services in other public hospital have appeared. The accused try to defend yourself saying that his salary is insufficient to maintain himself. This scandal brought a great suport lost, especially between poor people.”,0,0,upset.ogg,"random,0.1,0.2"“StateHealthService,0.3-(0.4x)",#,“All,-0.5,0.3”,“Poor,-0.8,0.3”,“StateEmployees,-0.5,0.3”,"PovertyRate,+0.1+(0.35x)”,


#,voteboughtscandal,“Vote Bought Scandal”,“After months of investigation a plan to buy votes between some politicians from your party was discovered. These politicias had paied other party politicians to vote according to your party interests during legislative sessions aprovings its law projects. To make the situation worst the investigators have proved that the politicians used public money. This scandal had affected your popularity among all the citizens and brought great losses to our funds.”,0,10000,upset.ogg,“random,0.1,0.3”,#,“All,-0.8,0.3”,“PovertyRate,+0.1+(0.5*x)”,


#,schoolmealscandal,“School Meal Scandal”,“Some public school directors was arrested today. They have been arrested because unproper use of the funds destinated to the free school meals. The arrested directors said to the police that they do this because the lack of control over the funds transfer. This scandal brought funds and suport losses, especially between poor people.”,0,1000,upset.ogg,"StateSchools,0.4-(0.7x)",†FreeSchoolMeals,1-(0.5x)â€,#,“All,-0.4,0.4”,“Poor,-0.7,0.4”,“StateEmployees,-0.4,0.5”,“PovertyRate,+0.05+(0.25*x)”,

I have some more scandal events to make and a lot of other policies adopted here in Brazil. But I like to obtain some feedback from more experienced players about these one and how to express in numbers the events effect.

I will be thankful if someone read this post and reply.



thats what the game calls a ‘neural effect’. its a way of decsribing a calibrated (adjustable) connection between two items. Normally, this is a policy (or event) and something like a group of voters, or a variable like ‘culture’.

What this says in english is

“When calculating the effect on culture, take a starting value of 0.05, and add 0.8 times the value of the effect (policy/event etc) and that will give you the effect on culture.”

So this:

“culture,0.25 + (0.75*x)”

will range from 0.25 to 1.0 depending on the policy slider
and this

“culture,0 - (0.25 *x)”

will range from zero (no effect at all) to -0.25 depending on the slider.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks… Now I understood how this feature works…

Just one more question: how the values works in the files? In other words: how the number used during modding to point income or expenditure, the country population, etc, works during the game?

each policy has a minimum and maximum cost and expenditure (normally just one or the other) as you slide from one value to the other, it just uses it as a multiplier on that.

so if income tax has 4000,20,000
then when you set the income tax slider to 0 it brings in 4000 etc.

I think thats what you mean?