Funny Fighters abandoning Mothership

Hi all,
I’ve just encountered funny battle. The enemy has only 1 mothership and lots of fighters (hundreds I think).
So, I fight that with a cruiser and few Anti fighters frigates. The map is huge.

After a marvelous melee, my fleet is on the upper hand and lots of enemy fighters destroyed. Those who are damaged returns to their mothership to get repaired.

This is the funny thing. Both my fleet and the enemy mothership is approaching each other, after some time suddenly out of that mothership come lots of fighters but they flee! Flee to the corner of the screen, effectively abandoning the mothership to death upon my fleet.

Why is that? Why the fighters flee? Is it normal behaviour?

I’ll take video of it tonight to show you.

They all fled the mothership when it ran out of repair supplies. All the fighters you saw fleeing where damaged but now had nowhere to go so they end up in the back corner. I am not sure what mix of orders would get them back. A good idea is to make sure if you have a drawn out battle to make sure there are enough carrier bays or make your fighter battles so quick, dirty and devastating that carriers become useless.

Retaliated BTW

Oh I see. I didn’t notice that carrier bay has supply. That explains it.
Thanks Berny ^^