Game crashes on challenge screen

Hello, I recently baught the game. I baught the Gratuitous package with faith that this game would fulfill my space battling desires and I turned out to be right. I especially like the challenge system, how I can fight against the same user made scenario until I can figure out a way to overcome it.

There are however set backs which are somewhat disappointing. The game seems to crash in the menus… frequently. I seem to crash in the challenge search menu more than anywhere else. I noticed when I use my mouse wheel to scroll after clicking the game cuts out. Also, sometimes when I hit ‘details’ for a challenge the game will flat out crash.

Also, sometimes the game does not seem to handle being alt+tabbed verry well. Other times, It has handled being alt+tabbed with multiple instances of the program. It’s really irratic. I like to alt+tab frequently when I game, especially for strategy games, but for this one I can’t seem to trust it. Somewhat of a pity. I was, however, relieved that there is a tech support forum and bugs such as these are at least being addressed.

This is kind of a side point, but is there a filter which filters out challenges which use the ‘Nomad’ pack? My game package does not seem to include this expansion and, I am kicked out of many challenges for not having it. It would be nice to know which challenges I cannot download ahead of time, without random clicking menus and crossing my fingers.

Lastly, it seems kind of silly that if I am using Order ships that I have to manually click out the ‘Tribe’ and the ‘Swarm’ expansion packs when submitting a challenge. I really think I should not have a choice which expansion packs are used and that the game should automatically pick the required expansion pack based on the race I select.

I have the same trouble Lazy people, I complained a lot about it as i had for the longest time only the core 4 race that came with the game. As for the crashing when trying to play a challenge, they have used modded content that you do not have when trying to play the challenge cashes it to crash. ALL mods that I use have the same package file to prevent non-modded content people from using my modded challenge. Other however do not.