[Game Mode] Frigates Only!

[Game Mode] Frigates Only!

  • Sir, we have a problem…
  • Make it quick, the powerball tournment is almost starting!
  • Thats the problem sir! The government want to build another poweball stadium and they need a lot of titanium…
  • So?
  • Cruiser take a lot of titanium sir…
  • So?
  • They don’t let us build cruisers sir…
  • Those bloody idiots! What am I suposed to do without cruisers?
  • And fighters sir…
  • 0_o ???
  • Plasma nebula sir…
  • Oh lord…
  • At least the enemy have the same problem sir.
  • Powerball stadium?
  • PowerCricket sir…
  • 0_o …

So, in basic terms, that’s it.

No Cruisers or fighters allowed: nor you, nor the enemy (well, the enemy can have one or two Cruisers…)

I feel that frigates are a little bit unloved, because they:

  • can’t stand a chance against cruisers (what can really?..)
  • can’t stand a chance against fighters

So, in this game mode, there are only frigates in the battlefield (or maybe a little small cruiser with the enemy), so that a frigate only battle.

So, did you liked?


you can already do that by (assuming you’re making a custom challenge) going to spatial anomalies, choosing “Cruisers not available” and “Fighters not available”. it kinda sucks that there’s no “No Frigates Available” option though. :confused:

You can enforce No frigates by setting a supply limit to frigate engines in an area that requires engines to get there.

oh yeah, never thought of that. I just enforced supply limits on all frigate modules if I want to have some ships with no engines. (although that’s usually not my strategy…)

I use frigates as fast attack squadrons with speed about 80 or so

they dodge most plasma outright
basically the same with missiles
when met with blasters at close they usually outnumber the enemy

that leaves beams, they FAIL against beams
except beams in turn FAIL against cruiser shields

a few fast frigates with cruisers out back for support, pretty good fleet there

Frigates are underrated, I believe…

I am certain that I have a high quality frigate design. It’s about 500 credits, armed with twin Beam Lasers and twin Missile Launchers, an engine, shield, crew and power source. Alone, its not much of a threat but I usually send them in parties of 5 to 10 in which Cruisers tend to focus on my cruisers while being pounded by these small Frigate Wings.

Sad thing is…the Swarm could easily make a better and cheaper Frigate…This Frigate is a Loki Hull named Rogue.

Frigattes aren’t useless. They are by far the most efficent way to deal with enemy fighters. Don’t waste your money on anti-fighter cruisers and don’t waste your preccious slots in cruiser for anti fighter weapons. Take Frigattes. They are support ships, that’s what they are build for.
Don’t use them to hunt down cruiser (well, of course you may use frigattes to hunt them down. Good for you if you succeed.), use them to support cruisers. Some Frigates with anti-fighter-rockets to guard your otherwise helpless cruisers. Some frigattes with emp rockets between the lines of your big missile ships to render the enemy ships useless.

Be creative. I never build a fleet without any frigate. That would be unbalanced.

I like to load my frigates with a tractor beam, an anti-fighter missile launcher, and 2 EMP Missile II units for support against cruisers (and so they aren’t dead weight when the fighters are dead).

Many recent SAC challenges have been very frigate heavy.