[Game Mode] Gratuitous Forts Under Siege!


Or be other means,
Siege the Station

Basicly, there’s a huge map with a Space Station in the center.

There are two game modes:
- Siege the Station!: You take your large space fleet and you try to destroy the enemy station and defense fleet. You don’t have to destroy the enemy ships to win, “just” the station.
- Defend the Fort!: You have your fleet, and you have to defend your station from foes. If the station is destroyed, you win! (a trip back home in a space pod…)

In this map, you can place ships in all directions: up, down, left, right and diagonals.

The station is a very large structure (dozens of times bigger than a cruiser), and it’s heavily armed and shielded.

Tough the shield is very strong, it’s bubble is very large, so a cruiser can attack from inside the bubble (you should prevent that…).

You design the station like an ordinaru ship. Drag and drop modules.

The station can´t move and it provides a lot of base crew and power.

Finally, it’s ivulnerable to EMP and Disruptor attacks.

So, what you think?



That doesn’t make sense. If you’re defending the station, why do you want it blown up?


I think this was in the sense of winning “an all-expense-paid trip … to the gallows.”

This could be interesting, in a couple of ways. Not only as standard missions (both variants as discussed by the OP), but also as an additional survival mission requiring you to deploy a station. So you can keep the fleet tucked in tight around the home station, or you can send them out to the edges of the map in an effort to tie up the invading waves as long as possible while allowing the station to take long-range potshots.

The main problem I see with this is the problem that has cropped up before in the numerous requests for a new class of super-ship (i.e. dreadnought), which is that I recall Cliff saying that the way the code is structured, it is designed around three and only three ship classes, and changing that would require so much work as to make it more effective to put that functionality into a future version (GSB2).


Maybe this will be in the campaign…


maybe, maybe not. you could build an uber-awesome ship with no engines, a bunch of weapons, make it big, and call it a station xD


This is true. there is nothing to stop a modder creating twenty different space station components that interlock, and placing them on a map in the center of the screen.
As for being able to place player ships anywhere, this is possible if the player ship palcement zone covers the whole map.
As for rotating the angle of ships at deployment time… I confess thats already in there but disabled for the player. I use it for the survival fleets. I could have a flag that enabled this on a per-mission basis.
Starbase attack was always fun in Starfleet Battles, I’d love to work it into GSB.


Hm yeah sounds like a nice idea, but a problem is that if you assemble the different space station pieces the hulk will look like crap cause if the first part is destroyed an ugly edge appears. Why can ships be only like 270 till 280 pixels large anyway? Could this be enlarged by you cliff? Or maybe it is? I did not try it for ages… Well I will see if I can create a cool map for my next update and will conduct some research… so stay tuned :wink:


I tried making a station about a year ago at 290 pixels width and height and the game crashed when it blew up. I discovered my game cannot go above 270 width. why is it width? is it some hardcoded limit? why can we do infinite height but not width?


well, there is a workaround. save your deployment, go to that deployment .txt file, and change the angle number to whatever you want :slight_smile:

also, a question:
why are there two angle entries for each ship in the deployment files?


A bug. Now fixed (1.39) Harmless, but untidy.


nice. I figured out that one of the entries is meaningless. if it’s left in there in patch 1.39 in the deployment files, will it mess my game up? i’m not looking forward to going to all the modded deployments and changing them manually…


I actually have created ships with no engines that i place close together in a interlocking pattern. I usually have at least one “tank” with high armor and shield, a couple repair modules and some weppons, 3 or 4 “wings” with lots of wepons that i hide and/or cover with other ships, and 2-3 “support” mods with antifighter weponry and missile scramblers. So i guess that one could create varriations of this and post it online as a challenge.