Game not updating

Okay, so, since I couldn’t download the 1.41 patch, I uninstalled and reinstalled, and now it’s refusing to update back up from 1.38. Anything that could be causing it?

And before you say “use the link in your purchase confirmation email to get a fresh copy of the installer”, my confirmation email went “to install GSB, go to the My Games tab in Steam; if you don’t have Steam, you can get it at the following link”.

EDIT: Okay, good news is, I still had the 1.40 patch in the “patches” folder, but still no download of 1.41.

EDIT 2: Okay, not sure what happened, but it just downloaded the 1.41 patch.

it only checks for a new patch once per day.

Yeah, but it had more than a day to check, was the issue.

huh. I wonder what happened then…

Deleting the file ‘up’ in Documents\GratuitousSpaceBattles\web and starting up GSB should make the game check for an update.

I’ll have to remember that, just in case this happens again.