Post your requests for modding information here.

I am the programmer and I know EVERYTHING. So if your question is ‘can i mod this’? or ‘how do I mod that?’ or ‘why does my mod not work?’, please post here and I will try to be as helpful as possible.

does this also count as a form for request for the ability to mod something that you can’t right now further down the road?

Yes definitely.

the z level ships spawn in at (you already know my reasons)

I have literally only just gotten GSB2 half an hour ago. I love it. Anyway, requests…

AOE Beam Lasers

(Probably insanely hard to code) Marine pods etc (See here:

The ability to make a beam laser that doesn’t stop between targets and just moves the ray to the ship instead, maybe like it has extremely high rate of fire to simulate constant damage, but very low damage per ‘hit’

Just some ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, just to clarify, I don’t mean beams that act like flak when they hit a target. I mean a beam that damages anything in it’s path, for example if fighters fly through / near it they get damaged or whatever.

I understand that it could be abused by creating a version with extremely large minimum range so that it always hits the rear-most ship, but I think that if it was used properly it would be very useful / fun / gratuitous :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed :smiley: The problem is the engine is now in fake-3D, so what looks like its getting hit by a beam laser, if you pause and then move the camera, may appear to actually be to one side of it, and totally missed…
Which is a pain because it makes something like this really hard to do…
I’ve always wanted something like the ‘borg’ cutting beam that slices lines over a ship, but the only reason it is not in there, is that working out that an entire path between two ship target points is not a ‘gap’ in the ships hull is non-trivial. I’ll still do it one day…

1st response: Awww…no epic beams…

After seeing “I’ll still do it one day” :D:D:D

Oh and, what about Marine Pods? I briefly considered modding it in as a bullet-class radiation weapon that used the escape pod image as a graphic. Unfortunately 1. They can’t be shot down, and 2. I suck at art and thus cannot create a bullet graphic.

oh here’s a request (and a massively large one at that), release the lightwave models of the gsb1 ships so that the community can mod them into gsb2.

because unless we have an exceptionally talented CAD designer, or someone who can make realistic looking normalmaps without the aid of CAD software we will never get them ported.

besides if we do it this way it will be much simpler to get the normal map to line up with the other pictures.

something to think about maybe

Thanks for the post, dafrandle. You’ve touched upon a significant weak spot in modding GSB2.

This old thread here is devoted to that very same subject. Since then, there has been zero results for these modding requests, and that’s a real shame.

Believe me, I’d use that data in my own GSB2 modding if it were available to us.

I remember that in GSB1 we were not able to make customized bullets, and we needed to replace the orignal file if we wanted em changed. Is this still an issue in GSB2? because i will love the possibility to mod custom bullets without the need to replace the original ones (so if i want to play against with vanilla races i do it and they have their own bullets, and if i want to play with my mod i do it as well with my own bullets). Is there any way to tell the game to use a custom file?? or this is another requested thing that didnt changed in GSB2?

What lines are mandatory in the text files?? what means the “sprites” section of em? are they mandatory? can we just avoid the [targets] and other labels from the text files and create em later in the editor??

Is there any limitation in the images?? are they need to be made in specific sizes??? (for example, can i have an image of 1024x2048?).

So yeah, I have some questions…

I want to add a new race of my own. Where are the races listed, and how would I add more?
Do I really have to hack the PAK files to add some backgrounds?

This game’s complete range of player progress is really, really short. Not much here to hold the players’ interest. You ARE making LOTS more new, balanced, playable GSB2 stuff back there, I hope?