Gratuitous Mac Battles!

Check it out, GSB is now available on the Mac! Just clicky here:
Tell your friends. Hell, tell your enemies too!

The game has been ported by a separate company (Red Marble Games) so please contact them for any tech support issues, as I know nothing about macs :smiley:

Will I able to get the Mac version for free if I already have the PC version? I need the Mac version and i don’t have the money to buy it again :frowning:

yup just email me at and I’ll get around to doing it at the weekend.

that’s a relief! thanks!

If anyone here has a reddit account and can upvote this: … c_battles/
That would be cool.

Does the DLC currently work on the Mac? And if so because I already bought the game in a flash as soon as it showed up on RPS, is there any chance that one might be able to get it for the additional cost it is when included in the collector’s edition? I didn’t even realize there was such a thing until I backtracked to here, and all.

I’ve bought it! Seems to work very nicely.

I already had the PC version, but this works on my much newer Mac.

For what it’s worth, the Mac version seems to work very nicely. There are a few weird graphical glitches (explosions have odd grid lines sometimes, and sometimes equipment readiness bars extend across the screen, and I can’t turn off gratuitous shaders without the game crashing) but for the most part it works very well. These guys have done a good job on it from what I can tell. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find the Mac demo for a while until I spotted this thread. May I suggest changing the “demo” button on the home page to point at the Mac demo if the user is on a Mac, please? I’d also make it clear that if you buy one version you’ll get the other one. That held me up from buying it on Steam.

Awesome game! The best part of Master Of Orion II (ship design) without all the Civilization stuff. :slight_smile:

You should get this on the steam version. :smiley:

Just got the Mac version after getting addicted to the demo. Ditto on the graphical glitches mentioned above, but all in all a beautiful game. Thanks

By the way, for those looking to get enough points to unlock everything, because, of course, you’ve played the PC version and have unlocked everything there, all the pref files are stored in /Users//Library/Preferences/GratutiousSpaceBattles

Open unl.dat in TextEdit, go to the points value, and put a big number in there.

I suppose it’s possible to copy many of the files and fleets from the PC version right into here, but I’m not about to try it.

I can’t recall what pointed me at the mac demo but it hooked me instantly. Awesome game.

Any idea on when this will be available via steam?
I have all the expansions (except Nomads, which I will buy once Steam gets back to me about a rather serious bug) and would quite enjoy being able to play this again, especially since this is one of the few games that runs well on my laptop (1 gig ram, 64 mb intel integrated graphics, 2.6gH processor xD)

Its being worked on at valves end. I don’t have an ETA, sorry.

Any updates on a timetable?
Would they be releasing it fully patched (ie, 1.47?)

Hi again ! Long time no see !

Well, I must admit, when I tried the demo of GSB, I was quite surprised… An addicting and simple game like I like… Furthermore, an indie one (I love hunting indies games)…

Then, somewhere last year, my computer died. I was disgussed by Windows… And I bought a mac this year. I totally had forgotten about GSB. And suddenly, I fall on a video on youtube. I came back and was trully surprised to find a mac version ! Native ! Youhou ! Great deal ! I downloaded the demo, and I must say again, I’m double impressed ! It runs smoothly on my 27" screen (unlike other indie games that spent some time also for a mac version of their games, which I won’t mention the name). It’s beautiful… It’s fun… It’s addictive… Keep up the good work ! (I bought the gold version and the fourth expansion pack eyes closed after only one try at the demo)…

Love your game, and I truly hope that you won’t stop the effort of releasing your games also on the mac.

PS : I know, there is no aim to my post, just letting the creator know I’m impressed and really happy with the game !
PPS : Maybe it’s already mentioned somewhere but here is : I had difficulties to find the mac version. Only found it in this post. It could be nice to add a link at your homepage linking for the mac version, and add a windows version title in the demo download at the homepage. I downloaded the exe file the first time… which is of course non sense to a mac user. Also, it could be great if you could update your youtube videos with PC/Mac instead of just PC.

Just got a reply on teh valve website.

Hello lkohime,
Thank you for contacting Steam Support.
Unfortunately we do not have any information on upcoming releases or availability for non-Valve games. Please continue to check the Steam Storefront or Steam News site for updated information.
To view only the games that are currently available for Mac in your Games List:
Click View > Games Details. Above your game list, choose “Mac Games” from the “Show” list.
If you have any further questions, please let us know - we will be happy to assist you.

I got the Premium Pack from RMG but didn’t get the Nomads.

Can anyone help me out?

GSB for mac’s is on steam now!