Hi! Just a simple question: will this game be compatible with mac os x? Thanks in advance!

unless you have crossover games or WINE or another program like that, no. it won’t.

Pretty sure Cliff has said once it’s released properly, there’ll be a Mac version. The game also runs perfectly under Crossover or Wine.

That’s what Cliffski has said about it. Sounds like he plans on a mac port, but as he said, he hasn’t signed a contract for it.

In the mean time, there are several reports of Wine working well. There’s also full emulation, like Parallels.

Plays fine under Parallels.

Works fine under VMWare Fusion, except I don’t have a background graphic (neither at the main menu or in battles), but this may be specific to my setup. All other graphics work fine.

Hi again! I bought the game (version 1.19) and tested it on my macbook pro 2.8ghz using CrossOver Games application . it runs just fine, (the only problem is that I can’t download challenges).I am not so good as a beta tester, I just couldn’t wait for the demo to come out. Hopefully you will add a save replay option to the game. And who knows a multiplayer option for galactic battles with my friends.

The game runs perfectly for me in Parallels 4.0. The only issue I’ve had so far is a crash to desktop during the tutorial when it tried loading the fight screen for the first time.

I’m running CrossOver Games 8 and it works fine (including downloading challenges). The only problem seems to be that it crashes when changing race.

I’m trying the demo on Crossover Games 8, and noticed that I can’t change the name of ship designs. I’ve tried typing in the textbox on the ship design screen, and in the textbox on the save ship design screen. Is this a limitation of the demo? I’d hate to purchase the game only to have the same problem with the full version.

probably just a limitation.

Works just fine in just plain Crossover. I am using the demo and Crossover and I can edit the names.

Can anyone confirm that this is a limitation of the demo, and not a problem with Crossover Games? I don’t want to purchase Crossover Games (I’m using the 7 day trial now) + the full version of GSB only to find that they don’t play nicely with each other.

I didn’t limit that in the demo, so it sounds like a crossover thing.

Hi! I bought the game when it was in beta stage. I use both Crossover game 8 and VMware Fusion 3 and don’t have any problem so far! There is not such a limitation in my version which is 1.23 and it runs very good! Probably it’s a limitation of the demo! I have a macbook pro 2.8ghz if that helps you deside whether to buy the game which i recommend!!!

The problem appears to be related to alt-tabbing (or command-tabbing for us Mac folks) out of GSB/Crossover Games and back in. When I do this, I can’t interact with GSB using the keyboard at all - I can only interact with the mouse.

I went ahead and purchased GSB (awesome game!), but I haven’t purchased Crossover Games yet. If I can’t figure out what’s causing this issue by the time my Crossover Games trial expires, I’ll just play the game on my PC.