my GSB diary

Hi Cliff,

Loving the game.

Can I suggest the following:

  1. When you loose/quit a battle etc - can you exit back to the ship deployment screen - I hate jumping back to the title screen.
  2. Is it possible to see the health of the enemy ships? I cant seem to work that out.
  3. When I try go online, the firewall kicks in and the game hangs.

Ill post more as I play more.


  1. When you change the screen res/fullscreen - and save those changes, the game should restart automatically.
  1. Assign keys - I have a macbook (with bootcamp) - game works fine, but I cant zoom because of the crappy single click mouse touch pad - pageupanddown are also a misson - is there a way to assign keys to maybe z and x for zooming?
  1. Over you have chosen your deployment etc, it goes to the load screen and then asks to push any key - can we have an option to jump right into the game - rather than “press a key”
  2. I know this a gameplay change - but would it be possible to pause the game and possibly alter the orders of the ships? Realtime?
  1. There is a delay when I mouseover the icons on the actual battle screen where the ships duke it out - sometimes they dont appear at all - (the mouseover tips/icon names, no the icons themselves).