Gratuitous Tournament =Final=

Thanks for all your comments, nearly there now.

Rules addendum: if the contender supplies 2 fleets then the first fleet will be entered in the first fight and then if that fleet is victorious it is redeployed in the next fight, if defeated then the second deployment is used.


Erlandr - Rebel - Elemental
Legedi - Rebel


MAP: Scenario 8 - Defend Caspian IV

Entries Closed

To enter you need to e-mail me 2 (or more) files from your “My Documents” folder:
(make sure to zip all the files)

My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\deployments\scenario7


My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships

Save your deployment with this format: [Your Name] [Tournament Round] [Fleet Name]
Save each of your ship designs with your name as a prefix to avoid any common names like interceptor

E-mail me your deployment text file and every ship design text file you’re using (not your whole folder please) to:

gratuitoustournament [at]

With the subject heading “Gratuitous Tournament”

Include your name, the race of the fleet you’re using and any user pic you’d like for the league table.


  1. Read the rules
  2. Play fair
  3. Good Hunting

=== The Rules ===

(i) All files required for the competition must be received before the end of the deadline so get them in early to avoid disapointment.
(ii) The deployment must be kept secret up until the submission date for fairness. (You can upload them to the in-game challenge after the submission date if you wish)
(iii) The organiser may not participate for fairness.
(iv) The organiser then submits each deployment to the in-game challenge system stating the tournament number (if there’s more than one) and the creator of the fleet.
(v) Contenders are randomly placed on a league table which will be posted up on the forum.
(vi) The organiser plays off each fleet in the first round a few times, maybe best out of five and posts an updated league table showing winners and losers in each match.
(vii) It would be a knock-out tournament so only the winners of the first round go on to play in the next.
(viii) There will be a few days between rounds for fleet alterations. Keep the same race but do what you like to your line up.
(ix) There will only be one Ultimate Gratuitous Space Battler TM.
(x) Vanilla content only, no mods.
(xi) No exploits, cheats or hacks.
(xii) No more than one entry per person.

Winner gets Gratuitous Bragging Rights TM.
Maybe something else as well…

As always, comments and suggestions welcome.
P.S. feel free to post up your own videos of your tournament fights.

Round 3 line up is as follows.

Very interested. Putting meaning behind a fleet makes it feel that much more cool.

Been thinking about just this.

I was thinking about doing it purely based on the honour system, with everyone organizing themselves and giving their opponents a rating in each case - if someone hits you with a stack or a swarm fleet you don’t think was particularly sporting, you mark them down. Winner is the combined ‘we had most fun playing this fleet’ and ‘most wins’, with a 50/50 weighting.

okay, how’s this, if I can get at least 10 contenders then I’ll run the tournament, it’s not much of a tournament with just 2 people in it

I’ll give it a shot, sure.

Probably have to install the game again somewhere else to make sure I don’t acidentally invalidate myself with some tiny tweak, such as fixing plasma launchers not saving properly, but that’s not too much hassle.

I would be interested in this. Would be fun to go in blind with the emphasis on creating a fleet to take on all comers rather than tailor a fleet to a specific challenge.

Count me in, a general fleet would be interesting - yes.

And one, that does not exploit currently qustionable issues, like unit stacking and putting 12-16 armour on a ship, making it nigh invincible :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to join once 1.05 comes out which fixes stacking and hopefully fixes the armor cruiser issues too.

Agree. Will join then also. :slight_smile:

BTW, I think tournaments should be part of the challenges.

Oh, also to make it more then a stat watching contest perhaps the coordinator should have the ability to record the matches so that they can be uploaded to Youtube. That way we can all ooh and aah over the explosions and press our faces to the glass for those down to the wire matches where one side has 24% and the other has 18%. Also what happens in the event of a draw, even without uberarmor ships it’s possible to have a draw, so what happens in the event of a draw has to be taken into account.

I would be interested.
What size of fleet are we going for?

I’m assuming Sirius, the first map, because that seems to be the standard for challenges. I like it also since it doesn’t take you half an hour to put a fleet down, though I suspect that as the game matures and more tourney’s are held they will be held on a larger variety of maps.

I may be interested in this. I think it would be cool if we could somehow customize our fleet when we see our opponents. Maybe we submit a “defending” fleet and then once everyone has those in the organizer posts the pictures of all the defending fleets, and the starting matches. Then each person has to create a fleet (with a somewhat lower limits, maybe 2/3rds of the defending fleets) to beat their opponents defending fleet. Then for each match you really have two different battles to run, and each gets run like 3 times. Ties would turn into sudden death, running a game of each until someone beats their opponent. Dunno what happens if neither person can beat their opponent? Then the defending fleets are kept (maybe allow a small amount of addition to the fleets, but this might add even more work, so probably not), and the matches are generated, and people make new attacking fleets, etc…

Thoughts? If the system seems unclear I can explain it again more clearly.

Also, it would be sick if cliff added support for command line battles… it would accept two gsb files in the command line, pit them against eachother a specified number of times, and close the game after, returning the results in a text file.

I’m in!

We need to be careful to organize this in a way where cheating is impossible. Cheating against uploaded challenges is quite easy. A third party organizer that actually runs the encounters will probably be required.

I would suggest we just send deployment files to someone, but that would also require the ship files as well. Ideas?

well, can we delete challenges yet? If so, contestants could submit, pull the gsb file, and delete it. But I don’t think we can yet…

What about that gsb unpacker? Maybe snowdrift could whip up a packer which would take a deployment file and create a gsb

Unless I’m not understand something is there anything preventing the contestants from emailing the ships in their fleet and it’s formation as an attachment so that all the organizer has to do is drag and drop the new ships and formations into the appropriate folders? Name your formation something like CONTESTANT 1 MARISTYL FORMATION so that it’s easy for the organizer to ID which fleets will be fighting which. Then you send a challenge to your self and set the other fleet to fight it.

This is totally possible, just a lot of work

If someone wants to volunteer, I say go for it :slight_smile:

If you read point 1 on the rules list it mentions sending files and not uploading a challenge

Also, it will be a blind tournament where no one knows each other’s fleet arrangement so you’ll have to build your best general fleet to take all comers.
Depending on how much time I want to spend on this you could have fleet alterations between rounds as players move up the league.

now what’d be really nice is a command-line option to GSB which takes two deployment files and returns “fleet A wins”

I’d like to suggest something other than the first map - it’s very limited on pilots, which will reduce the scope for fighter tactics. I’m fine with small, low budget maps, but I’d like a few extra pilots to play with please.