Great Game: 2 Final Suggestions

I made a few comments on QuarterToThree and was happy to see that I can now see my Challenge History as of 1.20. Since I just noticed on Twitter that the game is coming to completion I wanted to reiterate one of my comments and add a new one and this seems like the more appropriate place to state them.

  1. I have seen posts similiar to this, I just wanted give my own updated view on the matter. Mass Deploy is very difficult for me because I keep selecting existing ships when I try to mass deploy ships in close formation. There is something funky going on with the picking/collision code. If that can’t be fixed then perhaps a copy/paste operation where I can constantly ctrl-v the ship I last ‘copied’. That would rapidly allow me to place them roughly into position and then just slide nudge them into a final position. In general, it would also make all operations a lot easier if I could select laid out ships (either by picking or bandboxing) and use a copy/paste operation.

  2. There is a slight bit of acceleration/deacceleration on the cursor which also makes it difficult for me to pick things with fine detail (e.g fighter squads, frigates and most esp weapons during battle playback). I’ve played with both my operating system mouse settings and the ingame mouse speed and it doesn’t quite cut it - the problem isn’t the speed; its the velocity changing behavior. I think a simple option to remove the acc/deacc with solve it. I guess I’m too used to a linearly moving cursor.

Great game and I can’t wait to play with the new carrier modules and to try some more challenges!


Thanks for the feedback, I will try and look at both these things. Hey, I even fixed the mystery “Acquire()” crash bug on startup yesterday, so there is always hope!
I tend to test the game windowed, which is why I’m not as sensitive to the mouse issues and haven’t fixed it yet (it uses the windows cursor then).

i always play windowed … a maximised window, because the software mouse cursor was intollerable - mainly in deployment where a mis-click could destroy half your ships (moved out of zone, and were instantly deleted) with all their orders (which is a huge amount of fiddling and clicking and rolling the mouse back and forth). normally when that happened, i’d alt-f4 the game for a while.

I haven’t tried playing windowed in quite some time. It never used to work for me so I stopped trying but it might work now. I’ll check both the mouse behavior and windowed behavior when I get home from work today.