[Suggestions+Bugs] Thoughts so far

Sweet game! Some things I noticed…

  1. Zooming in during battle zooms in on the middle of the screen, rather than on the mouse.
  2. Any chance we could see the hp/shield strength of enemy ships when we click on them during battle? I feel it would make battles a lot more interesting.
  3. Alt-tabbing out of the game takes forever (windows 7), I have no clue if this is something that could be fixed
  4. By the way, the game runs fine on windows 7!
  5. When saving a ship, the name becomes lowercase and you have to change it again before you save
  6. Maybe the last deployment/winning deployment should get automatically saved after a battle? There would be a save called “last deployment” for every scenario that would automatically be overwritten.
  7. Does the direct control work? positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/?p=279
  8. When I select a group of ships and right click and delete, only the ship I clicked on is deleted
  9. I’d like to be able to see the ranges of all the weapons on a ship, instead of just one. How about show all of them when the ship is clicked on, but when mousing over a specific weapon the other ranges disappear, and when a weapon is clicked on, they disappear permanently, except for that weapon (until you click on the ship again, or click on another ship).
  10. I somehow had two popup hints at once on the deployment screen (I think maybe be caused I double clicked on a ship during another message), and it looked weird
  11. On the deployment screen it always takes me a while to find the ship I want from the list of available ships to use. I also noticed that when no ship is selected, there is a lot of blank space… how about displaying the names to the left of each icon when no ship is selected? That way finding the ship you want would be two clicks: clicking in an empty space (will that deselect? dunno), and then clicking on the icon with the name next to it.
  12. Returning from battles wipes your deployment. Can it keep it? (Or automatically save it, #6)
  13. It would be nice if the screen scrolled when moving the mouse to the edges (I think a lot of games do this… civilization series comes to mind, but I think starcraft/warcraft does it also)
  14. What about some more shortcuts in the right click menu when clicking on ships? Edit, Set formation (click on set formation, click the target ship, and done), etc…
  15. Copy paste for ships? As of now I see no way to have multiple ships with the same orders without doing it by hand… unless they get saved with the ship? If so, that’s not obvious from the layout.
  16. None of the unlockable weapons really “wow” me. Sure, they’re all nice, but none of them really stand out as awesome. Why not a few superweapons for cruisers that take huge amounts of crew and power, so that pretty much you’re locked in to that one weapon? Or, a cruiser hull that is expensive, has a lot of crew and power, and comes with just a couple slots, so you can fit a superweapon and some engines on it, and maybe a shield or two.
  17. Saveable orders. You could save the entire orders for a ship, and then have a load button for orders that lets you load various sets of orders onto ships. This probably would be a lot of work.

Edit: I don’t think alt-tabbing works at all. It turns the game into windowed mode, and the entire screen becomes black. Music persists, however.
Edit 2: Clicking away from ships doesn’t bring you back to the blank panel on the left, I lied about that :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit 3: Anyone found any balancing issues? So far, the only thing I’ve noticed is the frigate armour… both “Frigate Armour” and “Frigate Armour II” have the same cost per point of damage absorbed. I think the “Frigate Armour” should have a lower cost, maybe 40, or 35, because it takes up more spots to use multiples.

What about a delete all button? I find myself with 20+ ships after 4 levels :stuck_out_tongue:

Think this mite be a bug the ingame sound effects are lacking they seem to come and go also if i zoom in they also appear and disappear music works fine though and ues my drivers are up to date.

Another one: I’d like to be able to zoom out farther and get a feel for the entire battle

I think it was taken out because its not really what the games about (to close to a RTS). Although saying that it would have helped me sooo many times :wink:

I remember this being talked about… “Spinal” weapons or some such, it would be nice to have a super death ray, unbalanced? Hell yes but so very cool :slight_smile:

As for your other points I pretty much agree!

I’ve crashed several times (never during battle though). I just crashed when trying to leave the ship editor: