GSB for Mac?

Democracy, Kudos, and Rock Legend were all released for the Mac. Are there plans to release GSB for Mac as well?

There are plans, but because the whole game engine was rewritten for GSB, I’m not sure how long the port will take.

I don’t suppose anyone’s tried running the demo on a mac yet?
I have parallels, but sometimes it gets confused (particularly about the video settings), and am wondering whether I’d be better off waiting for the port, assuming I have the patience

I’m running it fine under Crossover Games 7.2.2. I had to disable the sound to prevent it from crashing randomly, but that seems to be a problem that happens on Windows too, so we’re not any worse off.

I strongly suggest porting this game to mac as soon as bugs are killed and such.
Get this on the right sites and you’ll get a VERY large portion of mac users.
Including me :wink:

I’m going to second that GSB in CrossOver Games seems to run as well as the native PC version. While, of course, nowhere near as nice as a native solution (lots of unnecessary overhead), the game is quite playable.

Another Mac user here. I’m forced to choose emulation for the GSB experience. Looking forward to comparing the game’s performance from Crossfire as well as Parallels…whatever works, lol. :wink:

I am running the game under Parallels and aside from a rather annoying issue (see it runs quite nicely.

I’m running GSB on a Macbook Pro using VMWare and XP. I’ve spent about an hour in GSB so far - it worked fine except for crashing once at the beginning of a battle.