GSB outcasts release delay

Hi all :smiley:
It looks like the upcoming ‘outcasts’ expansion pack may be delayed until the start of next year unfortunately. There just isn’t going to be time to get everything done ready for before Christmas, and I want it to be released polished and good fun.
I know that’s a bit of a pain, I really want people to be able to play with the new ships and gadgets ASAP, they are great fun.
After the outcasts I’ll be concentrating on my next game, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see me considering GSB 2.0 after that :smiley:

I, for one, am willing to wait until you’re happy with the DLC you’re providing us. “Sell no wine before its time,” as the old slogan goes.

We’ll be here ready for the Outcasts whenever they’re ready to enter the Gratuitous War, locked and loaded. :slight_smile:

Quality takes time. Don’t sweat it; this gives us something nice to look forward to sometime after the start of the New Year.

[george takei]
Oh, my! :smiley:
[/george takei]

Definitely Ditto everything, lol

I second that.

what dose ditto mean!!!

Ditto: ^^

(It mean (approximately): “same”
Or here, he have said that he think the same thing…

I ditto too! ^^