GSB + Starship Tycoon! Game Idea

I was just thinking it would be cool to have a Gratuitous Space Battles meets Starship Tycoon! Starship Tycoon 2 - Grandiose Space Fleets!?? :slight_smile:
You would be the commander of a space fleet which you can build and modify like GSB but you send your starships on missions to carry cargo/passengers/fight pirates through space routes with different dangers and requirements each turn to build your tycoon empire! You can fine tune your ships to perform better each run to get better returns. You would have to mod your ship to fight off pirates, streamline your speed and travel efficiency, carry more cargo and different types of cargo (different alien livestock and species, dilithium isotopes, passengers, etc), change to tractor beams navigate asteroid belts runs like ice breakers, get warp engines to travel greater distances or solar sails for more efficiency, etc.

Space is a dangerous place! But it is the galaxy of opportunity for those who take it! You are the commander of a shipping starfleet making runs through space to gain creds on runs to build your galactic empire! :slight_smile:

Sounds pretty awesome =D

but the problem is mixing game ideas never really works…i asked game devolopers about a concept like a first person shooter stragety game but they said its impossibl because of how mixed up it would be and how many things you need to do at once. like imagine managing that much stuff at once T_T its a great idea but sadly it will never succed only a absolute crazy mastermind of awsomeness can succed like…


For instance, Nuclear Dawn is the latest FPS RTS hybrid. There are a lot of other FPS RTS hybrids as well such as Empires mod for instance.

Nothing’s impossible. The game devs just say that what you say is impossible just so you won’t start making that game and they can steal the idea and make the game themselves and claim that it was their idea and not get sued.

You can already easily manage your business empire in Transport Tycoon Deluxe or the free version of it Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Moving from the face of the Earth to space and adding spaceship customization isn’t much more on top of that to be honest.

I personally would like to see this kind of game. I always liked to build my business empire in OTTD and I wanted something a bit more on top of that and that’s where the customization idea comes in from the OP. I always ended up in a situation where I had basically won in OTTD and I just had to wait for the years to pass by so I reach the goal year. At that point it all started to feel like: “Meh. What’s the point…” and I always quit playing before I was actually declared as a winner by the game. This is where the customization could help. After you have basically won, you could start to tweak your units and finetune them to perform better and faster and maybe in the meanwhile create your own set of units with which you’ll start the next world instead of the units which come with the game.

I’d definitely like to dust off starship tycoon one day and do it properly :smiley: