Sequel. what would you like?

if theoretically I was doing a sequel to Starship Tycoon. what changes would you like to see in it? and what improvements?

i think this game kicks ass…But there are some ideas i have to improve the game.

(my ideas come from Yankee Trader the old BBS game)

  1. you should be able to PURCHASE some planets around the galaxie if you have enough cash.
  2. you should be able to tax all the transactions that any player does there.
  3. you should be able to build items to sell on your stardock
  4. There should be upkeep fees to do with planets
  5. be able to set the rate of tax, prices for manufactered items, and docking charges
  6. ability to build facilities in the stardock to make it a busier starport
  7. there should be a larger selection of ships for sale and more upgrades for the ships
  8. ability to purchase other AI players companyies for the right price.
  9. mabey some banking systemmabey a banking system
  10. bigger galaxie
  11. being able t o build starports in open space that act simmilarly to planets will less upgrades and with a larger price tag
  12. better names for ships

OMG, an on-line Yankee Trader!! Megadox, you must be around my age to remember that.

The game was a pain at 300bpS, but at 2400, it flew!

I like the idea of a modern day YT, no fancy graphics. I’m in a war game, KingsofChaos, and it’s all text so almost anyone can play (a big negative with me is resource hog games). I would join a Yankee Trader game in a heartbeat!!

Buy planets - would be nice, but would the computer AI be able to handle calculating in the extra costs, or would that planet’s normal costs just go to you?

Larger universe - yes!

Space pirates? You can buy weapon and defense modules to fight the pirates (and protect yourself). Maybe even get some bounties on certian planets? Different level of defense and weapons, too.

How about the ability to travel to different galaxies with a “warp engine” (or something not copyrighted?). Charge an arm and a leg to go to different sectors / systems.

Banking would be nice.

I also like the starport idea, you build it, hire the crew, and make it appealing for a pit stop or an attraction.

I know you’re away for two weeks, but if you do check back, I’ll respond again in a day or two (or less?0 with some hard-core suggestions for / in a sequal.

OK, weapons.

Start small and go big.

Maybe start off with something like a simple gun (gunpowder and bullets), minimal damage.

Then, machine gun.

Then, weak lasters, medium lasers, and powerful lasers.

To help out from a distance, missles (one use only on each). Start off with small conventional missles, then go up to nuclear warheads (to take out a fleet of pirates?).

Shields would be simple, stronger armor to help against guns, force fields to help against lasers, and atomic-derangers to help against nukes.

Manuvering thrusters to help with moving / dodging.

I guess looking at the growth of weapons and defense in Star Control 2 would be a fair model.

I know live-action fighting would be a lot of programming, but how about a turn based fight? Something like old (old!) Tank Wars etc…


How about multiple occupancy modules for moving several people (5-10, or more?) but for very short distances (or else they’ll get very angry).

Module degration would make customers unhappy (Re; squeaky door, defective TV etc…).

Different grades of galleys, basic vending machines (low maintenance, too) to, say, replicators (medium maintenance) to a cook (high maintenance, and food cargo could enhance this).

High-capacity cargo pods and fuel tanks (but would also require better maintenance).

Each upgraded module would also be heavier than the previous one.

Engineers would also have skill levels (like they do now). You could also have a equasion on their chance of being able to fix an issue, Hmm, something like ((skill-difficulty modifier)*10)%, so if your vending machine breaks (say difficulty 1) and your engineer has a skill level of 5, then he’d have (5-1)*10%=40% chance of fixing it, while if your engine breaks, a difficulty level of 8, your level 9 tech would have a 10% chance of being able to fix it. Of course, a level 5 engineer would have no chance (well, -30%) of fixing it. The engineers could also maintain the modules so they do not wear down as much as they would normally.

How about research quests to unlock the higher end modules, you need to get these 3 components to this planet for them to be able to invent the luxury suite module.

Crew & Planets

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but we have for crew:

I think that’s it.

If you incorperate weapons and armor, then you may need a tactical officer.

How about scientists to help make your ship more efficient? Or, to do research on the planet you bought?

Now, if you have planets, how about a military to defend the planet & to attack / take over other planets? Then, we’d also need a military transport module.

Maybe the planet model could be from an old game, Stars!.

Ah, Stars! How I love that game. I still play it from time to time …
You mean like having scanners and planetary defenses? And mines and factories? (Presumably terraforming would be unnecessary) :unamused:

Scanners & defenses, no.

But maybe a police force to make the planet safer, or fewer if you want a pirate’s haven.

Mines and factories, not a bad idea, but might be pushing it a little too much, how about tradeports and enhancing them?

And building ships from your well-defended starbase. Nice!

More like a police force? More police = less crime, but no police would be an anarchist pirate hangout.

With all that, it might end up rather like Smugglers 2 & 3!

Never heard of that game, let me look into it.

Just downloaded the demo and played a few games.

Not overly impressive, while there are similarities, I’d say Smugglers 2 is more like Dope Wars than Starship Tycoon.

Have a go at Smugglers 3 - it’s a lot flasher and more detailed.

Heh, Cliff is going to come back in a few days and we’ll have the whole game planned for him. :slight_smile:

And won’t he be pleased!!

I’m back and snowed under with stuff to do…

That’s the problem with going on holiday - it always happens!

Welcome back, Cliff!

That’s the problems with vacations, you come back to triple the amount of work you normally would have had. :slight_smile: