GTB Game feature questions

  1. Got air support?

1b. Got anti-air defenses and/or defense fighters?

  1. Got artillery, mortar or other long distance bombardment support?

2b. Got anti-ballistic (anti-mortar/anti-missile/anti-shell) defenses?

  1. If there are 3 routes to the enemy base, why would the player choose to attack more than one route every wave?

  2. Got special forces, saboteurs, or other troops that don’t follow the pathing system and are intended only for damaging the defenses?

  3. Got trenches on the paths, requiring the attacker to storm them?

  4. Got power plant installations, supporting high energy defenses?

  5. Got tanks in defense? You can’t have proper tank battles without both sides having tanks.

I’d like to see these answered, quite allot of good points!

A fair bit of this is undecided right now.

GTB has fog of war, so one of the aspects of attacking through three routes is that each route is likely defended to a different extent and by different weapons. One may have a lot of infantry in trenches, another som big laser turrets, so you would choose the route that seems weakest for your preferred units.

Right now there are no tanks for the defender, just turrets and troops in trenches, but I am considering a bonus mode where there is one big open-space battle between two sides, like GSB but on land. It would be reasonably easy to code, assuming the untis don’t do any fancy maneuvering and just head towards the enemy like a napoleonic army :smiley:

That’d be really cool, will there be natural barriers like rivers and mountains or flat plains?