Ask me questions about GTB

I might be doing a video blog thing soon when I answer some of them, so feel free to post some here…
Cheers :smiley:

Cool, i look forward to your next video blog.

Random questions: (plz ignore any that may lead to spoilers)

  • How many races/factions will be in the initial release ?
  • Can mechs / tanks have multiple turrets ?
  • Will there be an upgrade system for weapons / modules / vehicles / mechs / anything else i didn’t mention ?
  • Can you deploy a mixed squad of infantry (ie some with rockets / lasers / machine guns) ?
  • WIll there be any veteran / XP system for the campaign ?
  • When defending can you place things on the path (ie anti personal / tank / mech traps) ?
  • Along with the flamer which deals damage over time are there any towers that do AOE, slow down units, link to other towers to increase their power etc ?

Again ignoring any spoilers (even though Darkstar Coverd a few that i hadnt even thought of)

  • Will there be abillities e.g. an airstrike or air dropped tanks that you could call in when your in trouble?
  • Will there be hull bonus’s?
  • What tipe of passive hull addons will there be like aim assisting devices/ammo increasers and repair’s?
  • Will there be map specific terrain variable like swamps or a river running through the map that slows enemies down at that point?
  • Is there going to be the comm’s of the units/turrets durring a battle?
  • Finaly will there be weather?

Thanks :smiley:

How many classes of slots will be in GTB? (GSB has only two, hardpoints and standard)
There is going to be something like enhancers like chips, that can upgrade ANY value of a weapon, module or thing code?
GTB modding will be similar to GSB modding?
There is going to be some type of mass destruction weapons?
We will be able to see Heros in the battlefield? I mean, elite infantry, commandos, etc (both, enemy and ally)

Will there be DLC for this game?

haven’t been here for a while but I have some questions:
-will we be able to zoom all the way out? (like the thing that we kinda had 2 mod in in GSB)
-will there be the good old big howitzers? (long reload time, big explosions, unlike the ones for tribe in GSB)
-do equipment effect appearances? (different body-armor, helmets, things like that)
-how do mechs animation work? (I’m imagining you make a sprite for the torso and a separate one for the feet, then the game engine animates it as such, is that close to the case?)

In some tower defense games, the creep can overtake units.
I noticed in the video that if a tank stops to pound some defences it will hold up the units behind it.

Will there be any units that can “overtake”
(ie infantry can go round tanks or under mech’s legs)

Units always fire on the move. they only stop if the unit in front of them stops, or they are turning a corner. It might be that tanks seem to pause before they turn, but hopefully there are no hold ups. Units can’t go round each other unless they actually step sideways to a different route. Some maps allow this.

In terms of modding and graphcis for mechs, the mech walking animations are basically HUGE spritesheets, showing a massive number of frames of an animated mech leg, so that they look smooth.

I hope a Linux & Mac version too.

When will we see a beta-release or full release?

I check this bloody site everyday due to looking forward to it that much.

Coming soon hopefully. I am working on the manual, then there is play testing and balancing still to finish, then we should be in pre-order beta mode soon thereafter.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m really looking forward to your new game way more than to all the AAA titles that are on the release list for this year.
Indie games just have that special something, especially yours!

Will GTB be available on Steam on release day?

I can’t answer for steam, although it sounds like they want it, as steam achievements are already coded into the game :smiley: Their release schedule depends on other games though, so it might be the case that it’s available from my site before it’s available through steam. It will be in a pre-order + beta preview thing before that anyway.

I’m curious how far out from the beta preview you are? Think we’ll see it before Feb is done?

Not in february, but I’m pretty sure it will be in pre-order+beta in March.
Things still to do are:

Final bug testing
Final optimising
Final recording of AI ‘scripts’ to fight against
Multi-resolution support.

Mod support will probably be engineered properly during the beta.

I haven’t even thought much about the demo yet, but it will likley be something that gets worked on during the games beta.

A demo would be greatly appreciated. Even something that only lasts 5 minutes. I just need to know what I am getting before spending $30 on it.

I have one of the earliest gameplay videos on youtube:
There’s also at least two others, last time I checked. I hope that reveals enough of the game to you.

Will this game ever feature “live” multiplayer? The online features are already very cool but the thought of having a live player on the other end seems like a nice idea as well. One defending and the other attacking. Obviously nothing for the full release but maybe as DLC in the future or something?

I am very tempted to buy it. Hnnng I love tower defense games.