Hard drive...wiped out!!!

I recently lost everything on my hard drive. Is there any way I can re-download the game files? Thanks.

Did you buy the game from Steam or directly from Positech ?

I can’t find any direct orders with that address…

Payment to BMT Micro,Inc via PayPal. January 11, 2010. Transaction #58V514967L754481L. Does this help?

no, it still isn’t there, I need the email address that you used, and that one wasn’t it :frowning:

That doesn’t make sense. This is the only email address I’ve used the past 8 years. I sent an email to BMT with the transaction and order numbers. I guess the lesson here is back up, back up, back up everything downloaded.

you can email me the order number, its just the paypal ID that is no help to me in finding it, becuase I can’t search by that