Hardware Cursor in Fullscreen "Please"

The software cursor you get when playing in fullscreen is really really horrible. I am forced to play in windowed mode just for the hardware cursor, however there is not a windowed resolution that really matches the size of monitor minus the menubar… also hitting the maximize button ends up stretching the bitmaps and text of the gui pretty badly.

Best solution IMO would be to allow “hardware cursor” as a checkbox to enable it when fullscreen.

( note that my negative tone only applies to how annoying the software cursor is not the game as a whole )

I’ve also had issues with floaty cursor syndrome - hardware cursor would be excellent.

I only get “floaty cursor syndrome” running the game in WINE, but I do now run windowed mode in Windows as well, just for the OS cursor.

I, too, immediately switched to windowed mode when I first ran the game and noticed the cursor was going slower than normal.

You can actually change the mouse speed under the games options screen, in case you had missed it.

My issue isn’t that it’s slow so much as it’s imprecise and takes just a fraction of a second too long to start/stop - like the cursor has inertia. Can we attach some Mouse Engine III to it?

I know this is pretty minor for the play style, but it’s distracting when trying to build and deploy. For the record windowed mode does fix it, but that’s just not gratuitous.

Yeah, I played with the sensitivity/speed prior to posting but i couldn’t really make the software cursor feel less wrong. The cursor sensitivity/acceleration is already setup how the user likes/is-use-to it for regular gui interactions at the os level and having the application not follow those rules is jarring imo.

software cursor speed is also affected by any lag the game experiences. so if there’s a <10fps state of the game, the cursor is also running at that speed … which makes pointing tricky (or an art from a bygone era, one of the two)

no problems at all on my games machine, but any lesser machines i’ve played it on - the mouse is painful, and would rapidly annoy people who didn’t grow up when that was normal :slight_smile: