invisible mouse in menu screens?

I’ve got a laptop with the Nvidia 9800M video card, latest drivers, and a fully updated Windows 7.

In the menu screens, the mouse is invisible. it highlights buttons as it moves over them, but I haven’t managed to start playing the game yet.

I’ve tried the demos from both your website and the Steam downloaded demo with the same results.

Any advice? The guys in Steam had no suggestions so far. I’d really like to buy this game, but not if I can’t manage to play it. ;-(

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi there. Thats a bit strange, and the first report of it. Have you tried changing the game to run in a window? I wouldnt be surprised if that fixes it, but tbh, it’s the same mouse cursor in both cases. I’m presuming the version number of the demo is 1.36? (steams may be slightly older) but anyway you say it happens in both cases…
I actually sue the windows mouse cursor for the game now, so I never turn the cursor off, which means its more likely to be a driver issue than anything else. It’s worth checking the nvidia control panel for any options that might be set which could be conflicting with the game.

as it turns out, if I run it in a window, and then maximize the window, it works ok, and I only lose the tiny bit of space from the window title bar.

Strange… but workable.