[Bug, minor]Mouse lag in fullscreen

Except for this weird mouse lag when i’m in fullscreen mode, the game works perfectly for me. But in windowed mode, no such lag (Generally I play it in windowed atm but when I do get to full screen, this is somewhat irritating).

I’ve tried fiddling with mouse settings in the game, in the control panel, the sensitivity buttons on the mouse itself but to no avail. I’m also on the latest mouse drivers and somewhat reluctant to try any driver downgrades/upgrades, etc. just for some mouse lag :stuck_out_tongue: but wondering if anyone else has had this? Again, this is ONLY in fullscreen mode, irrelevant of resolution/gfx options/mouse speed. In windowed mode, its fine. Am on Vista, 3gb ram, 8800gt, MX 518 is the mouse.