Hollywood Stock Exchange

I’ve found a rather addictive online game, it’s free and a mock-stock exchange involving Hollywood.

It’s the Hollywood Stock Exchange (hsx.com - if you join, use draggar as a reference (it is case sensitive and I get a bonus for that)).

You buy and sell (short, call for the advance traders) stocks based on movies, stars, and directors. There’s also derivitaves, funds, and other interesting ways to play the game.

It seems to have been going on for years, we’re approching labor day, so the blockbuster summer is ending :frowning: but there’s still opprotunity to make lots of money.

I’m rather active on there, checking several times a day, buying and selling, while some people (and they’re very successful) check once every few days.

Any active star or director is in there, and any movie in planning, production, or planned for release, is in there.

Check it out! You start with $2,000,000 and there’s always opprotinuties to get more money, either by clicking links, taking surveys, or paying attention for “comission free trades”.

Again, hsx.com and if you do join, use draggar (case sensitive) as a reference so I get the bonus. :smiley:

interesting, was playing one of these when the 2008 crisis started, could not make a dime for some reason, lol

I have been playing for a while now, and I suck. I am trying to sell Inception, losing a little virtual money now. Hoping to make a small profit out of it.