Holy cow! Losing 60 health a day!! What's going on?!

This has got to be a bug, I’m a Virtuo-Augmento Deck Program Tester and I’m losing 60 health a day! The job description says -10 health a day though. At this point, the game is just unplayable since all I seem to be doing is eating and napping to stay out of the sick bay! I’m shelving Redshirt till I see an update come through Steam. Screenshot attached.

Hi there – I’ve heard a few people reporting this, would you mind sending me your savegame, following the instructions as per this thread? viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8268 Thanks!

Actually, when I take jobs like that, it lists the -15 health penalty, but I get -60 during the work report. Or more if I happen to be happy at the time.
Still makes no sense that you get worse penalties if you go to work happy.

Hi Adam, are you still seeing this issue in the new update?

In my current game I’m an Amorphous Dignitary Assistant, which lists -10 Happiness. However when I work (on the rare chance I get to and not just get another away mission) I lose 60ish Happiness (more if I’m happy).

I can personally confirm this.

1.02 update seemed to fix this. Got more bugs to report, will make a new post.