Hull Repair Bots?

We have Armor repair, why not a slow and inneficient hull repair?

The modules “Cruiser Autorepair System” and “Nanobot Repair System” both repair regular modules (in addition to armor). In fact the Nanobot version is considerably better than either of the Armor specific modules (it repairs faster and has more supplies). Is that what you meant by Hull Repair?

Clifski announced that there is going to be an improvement to the visuals for repaired ships in the next version (ships will stop looking damaged when the damage is fixed), so cruisers that repair themselves should be more even more fun.

I mean, full on repairing the hull points, not modules

The modules are the hull, in that the total hitpoints of all of the modules makes up the hull of the ship. This is why there are some ‘reinforced’ modules, which basically means you pay extra to get modules with more hitpoints.