Human rights value?

Yet another of my incessant requests for new features…

How about including a value under law and order entitled ‘human rights’ which is affected by laws that you make (e.g. detention without trial, death penalty), your reactions to dilemmas such as deporting prisoners for torture and so on. This would then affect Liberals’ opinions of you, and international relations. There could also be events and dilemmas relating to this such as ‘A report into the police has found numerous human rights abuses’, and the miscarriages of justice event could also affect this.

Hopefully this would be more possible than some of my other ideas.

at the moment these effects are just shown as directly affecting liberals. I’d only include something like that if it could be used collectively to trigger other actions. Hopefully everything that comes under human rights is already upsetting that group?

But at the moment, these policies don’t affect international relations, as they often do (e.g. sanctions against Zimbabwe and Iraq, boycotting of South African goods during Apartheid). Adding a human rights value (hidden or not) could also trigger events when at a low level, e.g. leak of a report on widespread torture usage outraging liberals and upsetting everyone.

Ah I see, these effects could be added though, without an intermediary, although I guess that intermediary would make things clearer perhaps?

That’s pretty much the thinking behind it, yes.