I do not understand the car pricing system at all

I do not understand the car pricing system at all

Hi there! What bit do you not understand? by default the game sets your cars to sell at the current market price. You can increase that (to sell more quickly) or reduce it (if you are selling cars too quick).
In addition you can adjust the premiums charged for individual features on a car, depending how rare those features are. Right now, this isnt implemented, so all features are best sld at just the market price.

I admit thats not as simple as it should be…but I welcome feedback on how best to change this, or to explain it.
Also right now branding and quality are not implemented, so the pricing is pretty simple.

Cliffski, I’m not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but can you define what market price is? I’m not sure if it means you’re selling at cost price and just breaking even or if market price include a bit of profit. If you’re just breaking even it makes no sense to sell the cars or features without adding a premium. It would be good to see the actual cost breakdown for each model so we know which components to prioritise when researching and setting up manufacturing stations. I could add up the prices from the Efficiency table but that doesn’t tell me what the market value of individual components is.

With the game not having any tutorial (yet I guess ) I see a tutorial was added in the newest update. Thanks! There is a spelling error in the ( car model ) section. " Although you may choose to overrule them here to make cars sell fastyer or slower. ( fastyer ) faster easy typo

It’s hard to know what any of this is or does. I am not a car genius nor a salesperson.

Sale price premium %?

Premium ( cash )?

Premium %'s ?

QA? I don’t even know what QA means let alone everything else in that box

I really would love to see a better way of knowing what resources should go into stockpiles for that section of the plant.