If the election is a draw

Very interesting article on how in theory the US election could be a dead heat, and the chaos that would ensue:

From TFA: Think about what House selection of a president would mean today. Gargantuan California would have the same single House vote in choosing the new president as sparsely populated Wyoming, even though California has about 70 times its population. The votes of the mega-states of Florida, New York, and Texas could be cancelled out by the tiny populations of Montana, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.
This is exactly how the US Senate works. Each state, no matter how large or small the population is, has two Senators. The number of members each state has in the House of Representatives is based on population, and there are 435 members there. The number given to each state can change every 10 years, after the census is completed. This isn’t really much of an issue, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Next-in-line will be the Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi.
I hadn’t thought that far ahead…wow. A very small part of me was actually hoping that HiIlary would win the presidency. Not because I agree with many of her policies, but to see the absolute hysteria that the Republicans would have when Hillary used the exact same powers that they gave to GW Bush because Our Great Leader needed them to avert terrorist attacks. Suddenly, the warrentless wiretaps, eavesdropping, and the rest of Bush’s “Wartime Powers” wouldn’t be quite as much fun… I think that President Pelosi would give them only a slightly smaller heart attack.

As for the chaos caused by what would happen with an electoral college tie…I’m guessing that only a few states would be close enough to fight over. Certain states will have margins of victory so huge, it won’t be worth challenging. Other states will be much closer. In those states, it would be 2000 Florida all over again. Anyone know if the offer for international monitors to watch the US elections is still on the table? :slight_smile:

all constituency and electoral college systems seem insane to me. What is the point in making huge sections of the population realize their vote is worthless. I live in a safe Tory seat in the UK. Regardless how I feel, and vote, it is irrelevant, I always know who will win here. Effectively, There is no democracy where I live…

That’s true of probably 35-40 states here in the US every election. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are the “big” battleground states…the site electoral-vote.com/ is a good one to check out for which states are leaning which way. Out of the 50 states, there are only 13 that are “barely” polling for one candidate.