SuperTuesday predictions?

So super Tuesday approaches for the US elections. what will happen? will be come out of this with McCain and Clinton? Is Guliani dead and buried? will Obama run out of steam? How do you see things going in the next few weeks?

I think Giuliani’s done for, and with Thompson out, I think that Romney will win out on super Tuesday. however, I think it will be close between him and McCain.
On the democrat side, I think that whoever wins South Carolina will win super Tuesday and the nomination. I don’t think either Clinton or Obama will win the election, unless McCain is the republican nominee.

my predicition is:

obama vs huckabee

obama wins

huckabee doesnt stand a chance, imo

he’s way down in the polls and is low on cash. plus the media fascination is over.

Obvious who I want to win. I think Huckabee is the worst thing that could happen to this country.

Doesn’t Romney really scare the moderate left? I would imagine that if he won the nomination, he has no chance of winning the election. Possibly true for obama scaring the right, which is why I’d expect it to end up as Clinton vs McCain, with it maybe going either way.

the thing is, obama really is what most of the nation wants.

Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance. He’s rolling in cash but can’t scrape more than around 5% votes in any primary, because most in the Republican party think he’s a nut isolationist. Personally, I think he needs to get his head out of the 1930s and realize that we DO have allies in the world, including Israel.

cliff I think who you’re thinking of is Huckabee, whom those on the left dislike because of his religious views. I don’t see anything about Romney that would anger the left more than just the fact that he’s conservative.

and i’m not sure that most of the nation wants obama, there aren’t really any polls to show that. we’ll only know on election day.

I get confused with some of the republican candidates. One is a Mormon as i recall, and one has very strong religious views that upset the left? It’s obviously not covered that much on British TV :smiley:.
I think its going to be a very interesting campaign and election whoever gets the nominations. I just hope for Americas sake that it has a clear-cut winner. the mess in Florida really didn’t do anyone any favours.

I’m not surprised that British TV hasn’t covered the Republican candidates all that well :stuck_out_tongue:

Mitt Romney is a Mormon, but it is Mike Huckabee whom many on the left have an issue with. They seem to think he’d create some sort of theocracy (because Huckabee is not ashamed of his Evangelical Christianity). He used to be a baptist preacher and was the governor of Arkansas after Bill Clinton, and ran it fairly well (as far as I know) as a moderate. However it’s not just liberals who have a problem with Huckabee, many conservatives are skeptical about his record on taxes when he was governor (apparently he raised them) and he allegedly released some dangerous criminals from prison.

But about what you said, I agree. This will probably be one of the most interesting US elections in modern history and hopefully there will be a clear-cut winner, who has a real vision of what America’s role in the world should be.

I think Democrats with Clinton are going to win… 8)

I think it will be very close for the dems and within a week of super tuesday, obama will announce he is the running mate of clinton.
mcCain will clearly win the repubs.

I’m quite surprised that A) Mike Huckabee did as well as he did and B) McCain is as far ahead as he is…

Now, I had high hopes that McCain was going to be the main Republican candidate but just wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. Clearly it did! Now, I’m willing to bet that Romney and Paul will soon drop out of the race and that it’s possible that Huckabee will emerge as McCain’s Vice-Presidential candidate. While it’s not set in stone, its a definite possibility. Put it this way, you won’t see a McCain/Romney ticket… however, McCain/Guiliani could happen, maybe thats why he dropped out so early?

As for the Democrats, don’t count Obama out of it so early. As the underdog he had a great showing on Tuesday and I think you’re going to see more success soon in other states, especially the southern ones. The race is too close for Obama to be dropping out within the next few weeks, he simply has too many delegates and hes right behind Hillary!

What I think is going to happen is your going to see a tight race between Hillary and Obama and in the end Edwards will give his support and delegates to Obama causing Obama to win. After that your defiantly going to see a Obama/Edwards ticket, I believe that Edwards campaign strategy was to be Vice-President this whole time. I can promise you that you will not see a Hillary/Obama ticket, watch one debate and you’ll see why.

you don’t think they could bury the hatchet to run together? I had assumed that would happen. I’m thinking that the dems might worry that obama/edwards is too far to the left to capture floating voters.

I think McCain is the least scary Republican out there, so I’m not surprised he did well. If McCain was president and Guiliani (or whatever) was vice-president, I don’t think they’d do much worse than Bush Sr. or Regan, maybe one scandal or so, maximum Nixon-esque. However, if any of those religious nutters got in, who knows what could happen.