[Implemented] Dilemma (Digital Switchover)

Opinions on this? Its a dilemma where you decide whether to switch over from analog TV to digital. Boosts your bank balance a bit, and boost internet access, at the expense of retired people (who need to buy new TVs and get to grips with it) and the poor.
Thoughts? If people think it’s a reasonable one I’ll add it to the auto-updater.

name = “SwitchToDigitalTV”
guiname = “Switch To Digital TV?”
description = “The government is faced with a choice of whether or not to switch off ‘analog’ TV broadcasts and switch the nation to digital Television. Digital TV will allow far more channels, whilst at the same time freeing up lots of space for new technologies such as wireless telecommunications.”

0 = “random,0.1,0.3”
1 = “GDP,0+(0.43x)"
2 = "InternetAccess,0+(0.4

Description = “If we are to continue to be competitive as a nation, it’s essential for us to embrace new technology. Digital TV is a far better technology, and the switchover will act as a catalyst for our own telecoms industry. Sooner or later people will buy digital TV’s anyway, we are just encouraging them to do so earlier. Plus the sell-off will provide a financial windfall for the government.”
Name = “Agree to switchover”
OnImplement = “CreateGrudge(SwitchToDigitalTV,SwitchToDigitalTV,-1.0,1.0);CreateGrudge(SwitchToDigitalTV,Retired,-0.04,0.98);CreateInertialGrudge(SwitchToDigitalTV,InternetAccess,0.06,1.0,12);CreateGrudge(SwitchToDigitalTV,Capitalist,0.03,1.0);EarnAdjusted(1000);CreateGrudge(SwitchToDigitalTV,Poor,-0.04,0.98);”

Description = “Nobody is demanding digital-only TV apart from the TV companies and multinationals that want to buy the airwaves. The vast majority of our citizens are quite happy with analog TV and the current selection of channels. The elderly in particular are not at all keen to have to buy brand new TVs just because the government wants to sell off the analog spectrum. This is unnecessary and unpopular.”
Name = “Keep analog TV”
OnImplement = “CreateGrudge(SwitchToDigitalTV,SwitchToDigitalTV,-1.0,1.0);CreateGrudge(SwitchToDigitalTV,Retired,0.03,1.0);SwitchToDigitalTV(SwitchToDigitalTV,Capitalist,-0.03,1.0)”[/code]

This is a little discussed issue which probably should be discussed more. I say yes.

I think if possible there should be a option to support switchover but with some money set aside to assist the elderly etc.

Indeed, that’s the real problem isn’t it, every proposed bill in the real world is much more complicated, and endlessly haggled over. I guess you can compensate by raising the state pension :smiley:.

There shouldn’t be an apostrophe after TV. /stickler


gah. I’m crap at grammar.

Looks like a good idea.

Ill test it myself in a moment, and yes, digital-TV switchover is a rarely discussed issue in Australia (we where supposed to have switched over this year, I think…)