Impulse Version and Swarm DLC

I feel like a novice but I have the impulse version of the game and the swarm DLC, I have one question which is where is the swarm ships/race? I can’t find them anywhere in game? Can someone help, I have tried searching the forums but I can’t find a answer

Add me to that list I snagged all three expansions, installed them and cannot see them in game. I’ll bet I missed a step somewhere so help would be welcome.

Make sure your games version number is 1.38 or later. (top right of main menu screen).
Then check that when you installed the DLC, that you instaleld it into the exact folder where impulse puts it. If you look inside the program files folder for GSB, you should see GSB.exe and a folder called data. If you have the swarm installed, there will be an additonal folder called swarm. If not, you installed it in the wrong place.
Sadly the installer is not ‘aware’ of where the base game is installed to, so it can get it wrong if you don’t check it.