Missing Swarm on Inpulse

Hi,i have a problem, i ordered swarm through impulse, but for some reason i can"t see it on the my game tab did anzone encountered simila problem?

Hi, I have this problem as well.
I would recommend sending an email to sales(at)stardock.com. They usually get back to you quickly.

That’s a problem at impulse, you should contact their tech support.

When you ordered the Swarm, I bet you got an email with the link to download the dlc. Download it, install it in your GSB folder, then run GSB, on Impulse or directly via the .exe.
Impulse will NOT have The Swarm in your games list, as it doesn’t have its own exe. It adds content to the Vanilla game and that’s all, you still have to run the GSB executable to access it.

Sorry, no it is a separate download in impulse. If support hasn’t helped you yet I will relay the answer i got:

Please do the following within Impulse:

-Click the blue menu button in the upper left
-Choose ‘Preferences…’
-Click the ‘Reset Data’ button
-Close impulse and relaunch it. You may notice a long update time, which is normal as it is rebuilding the deleted info.

which worked for me at least, good luck!

For some reason this problem corrected itself after some time. To me it seems, that there was a problem how the swarm was added to impulse. As last update of impulse before i ordered swarm was ending in error, so it could be that. I noticed that before i finished the reset procedure, after a new update, the swarm reappeared in the list. So anyway it is working now.