In-game messaging

Hi all,
I’m new with GSB and I love it. But I notice there is no in-game messaging system?
As a current workaround is that we send private challenge and type our message there, but it’s not a good way, is it?

Welcome, tiger74; glad that you enjoy this game!

Yes, GSB has no in-game messaging function, and sending phony challenges is possible but it’s a clumsy method for messaging.

hi astro.
do you know why GSB does not provide messaging system?
is there a plan to provide one in future?

No, I don’t know why it doesn’t include that feature.

Considering that the ultra-recently-released Outcasts DLC expansion is essentially the final new development for this game, and that Positech is about to move onward with channeling all of their attention into developing another future game, I think that creation of a GSB chat feature is not going to happen.

At least we have plenty of other game functionality within GSB to keep us busy for a long, long time. :slight_smile: