Income / Models Screen Suggestion

This one:

So I was wondering, could we list a few numbers on here, maybe the number currently in stock for each model? Maybe the number for sale in the showroom, and the number currently in production? Just thoughts, it would help when you find you have 100 cars in the showroom, but are not sure which model you have the hardest time moving.

One thing I might add is to see which vehicle category is most popular in the entire market, rather than just at your dealers.

That information is actually already there. if you look at the market screen, for each entry in that matrix, the market share there is for the whole market, not for you. The number at the top right that shows overall market share is for you. I need to find a better way to make this obvious.

Maybe move each individual market share into each tile, so while the total market share for Budget Compacts is 13.33 percent, show our market share below that. Would that be a percentage of that percentage? I don’t know, just thinking outloud…