Showroom Information


No doubt these things have been reported before but I take it the dev will take that for granted and will just pick out any useful feedback. :slight_smile:

I think an important piece of information is what people think of the models I produce. The showroom gives me this information, but it the way it is present to me there feels clumsy.

I would suggest:
-An option to sort the cars in the showroom. Right now it shows the cars in the order they came in. I would like to see how my Budget type of Sedan is doing compared to my mid-range, but right now I have to hover all the cars shown there to see how they are doing.
-This also means a car might be sold while I am checking out the information on it. It is great that that particular car is sold, but if it has been standing in the showroom for a while I still want to know what was up with it so I can make improvements to the package.
-Isn’t there a better way to display how a model is doing? Right now we have to check each individual car to see why it isn’t seeing why it isn’t selling, but I would be much better off with information about what is wrong with my modelpackage (too expensive/not enough features?) rather than that individual car… after all the game isn’t a small town dealership simulator… I am more interested in the bigger picture!
-I am finding myself constantly having to adjust car prices to not wind up with a full showroom, but I lack the information to properly set out the changes I need to make. I guess this is the result of the points I mentioned above… It might be the information isn’t offered to me in a way that I feel confident about making a change. I might feel that getting another 5% on or off on the current price is a shot in the dark rather than an educated decision.

  • I need more information about what the competitor is offering… I see customers are picking the competitors car, but I am reaching at straws as to why that is. He has a radio, but I have a radio and a heater in my budget model. My price has been fine for a long time, but it seems suddenly my competitor is a factor and my car is too expensivve. That in itself is fine (more fun), but I don’t have a clear view of it, which is frustrating.

So in short: I need more information.

Great game!

Another small thing: right now it seems impossible to change prices on a model that has been archived but is still in the showroom. This means I can’t sell them at cheaper prices so I can get rid of my old cars.