Incorrect victory determination?

Hi all. I was just playing a challenge, it was 48 fighters on each side to start. I was ahead at 27% remaining vs 16% remaining when suddenly the “DEFEAT” dialog popped up. I tried to take a screen shot but it came up all black so I don’t have a picture to show you. :frowning:

So I am just wondering if it is legitimate/expected to sometimes get defeated when you are ahead on the percentage, or if that is a bug?

Edit: Found the screen shot lying around in my GSB folder, neat! Doesn’t look like I can upload it here (“The extension bmp is not allowed”) but I can email it to cliffski if he expresses interest.

The Victory/Defeat box is one of my pet peeves as well.
Cliffski is aware of it. I am hoping for a fix on that at some point.

Come on Cliffski, get with it. Plenty of time for sleep in the grave. :slight_smile:

so,…I guess that is a no-go?

Learn to field something more reliable and durable than fighters?