Post Battle Statistics FAQ?

Hi folks,

I just stumbled across GSB last week and am absolutely loving it. I routinely find myself thinking about my latest gratuitous space battle and what I could have done better/why I lost/etc. One thing I’m having trouble with is the post-battle statistics screen. Is there a guide to it? I can’t seem to find anything on it and it has low utility for me since I don’t really understand the pies and what they’re showing. The Hit Points over time charts are are interesting but don’t really tell me anything that I didn’t already know from watching the battle. Basically I’d like to be able to see the following:

What proportion of the enemy’s fleet’s destruction (be it shield, armour or HP’s) was a given ship or weapon responsible for?
What proportion of my fleet’s descruction was a given ship or weapon responsible for?

In sum: What worked. What didn’t?

I can’t seem to determine this, even when I isolate to one ship or weapon. It seems I can only see what proportion of the given weapon/ship’s shots took out/missed an enemy’s armour, shields or HP’s or missed. In other words, the pie charts only relates to that given weapon’s attacks, not in relation to other weapons. Am I missing something? Could someone steer me in the right direction or give me an tips on reading the statistics?


Hi, check out the manual, there are some extra details there on how the screen works. The one thing you mention, is the one thing that stats screen will not immediately and obviously show you, but you can see what contribution a ship made to a battle by toggling off every ship except the one you want, and you can then see what its shots achieved. Obviously some ships end up with an entirely blue pie chart, where every shot they fired missed.
That screen is not ideal, and I wouldn’t rule out it getting improved at some point. The nature of the data collected during the battle is such that its a real pain to find an easy way to show it all under all circumstances.

I think that switching to bar charts rather than pie charts would help a lot. That would show the absolute as well as relative values. A way to deselect everything quickly and/or deselect all but the one item being selected would help a lot too.

Thanks for the follow-up, Cliff. I had actually read the manual cover to cover but I had been reading the manual from the Steam site (version 1.1) which has little info on the Post battle analysis. But I went and checked the game folder and see a version 1.4 of the manual there and see this is covered in a lot more detail there. Aweome!

Per Follick’s suggesion, bar charts showing absolute values would be awesome too. Of course, learning by trial and error is fun too.