Inspired by these guns...

Methinks we need these:

me want!

Hmm, I wonder if my engineers can make those guns make pew-pew sounds…


Hehheh. ^^ I think those would be a nice addition to this WWII mod.

yeah. wait, you mean orkel’s, right? he already made the guns. he did say he needed an actual explosion for his firing effect though.

Yeah, that’s what I meant. And also that nice bend effect when water gets pushed down by the force of the explosion.

yeah, that would be awesome.

I would love to see something like that in the game, but in practice, isn’t that exactly what Plasma Launchers are? Powerful, fast, inaccurate shells with a slow reload?

no, i think he’s talking about changing some sprites into that multi-barreled huge gun turret.

big turrets with salvoes and giant muzzle blasts??? count me in!

Oh, I’d be down for that. So many turrets are kinda ‘cute’ right now.

I’d love to see different classes/sizes of mounts, though.

i kind of agree. i need more space in turrets_federation to make my guns good. thing is, if i try to increase the canvas size and all that, the game will pick up only about half of it. :frowning:

If you are talking about kinetic energy guns, YES!

If you are talking about multiple-gun turrets, YES!

If you are talking about multi-kinetic-energy-gun turrets, YES YES YES!!!


If you are talking about multi-kenetic-super-mega-pwnage-energy-gun turrets, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!


There are certain advantages to being an old-school fan of wargaming, animé, space opera and swashbuckling adventure. Therefore, I’ve got yer guns RIGHT HERE, dudes! Deflect this. :stuck_out_tongue:

O_O now THOSE are turrets. HELL YES OUT THEM IN :smiley:

Gratuitous indeed.

Somehow they remeber me of the Battlestar Galactica.

How a about kinetic Projectiles which push your enemies back or slow em down if they hit ? .)

Yeah, I think of starblazers (the name it was shown under in the US) myself.

Really, this requires more hardpoint slots—the Cruiser sized ones for the large guns, and secondary hardpoints for AA weapons, etc.