Instant battle/results option

I would LOVE an instant calculation of the battle. Watching the combat is fun the first 2-3 times, after that we all use 4x speed. However, for me this is hardly fast enough. I usually leave my computer, or surf the web during the fight.

Could we PLEASE get this implemented?

i have a few reasons why i wouldn’t use this, like watching stuff blow up is fun and you can get info about how good your ships are at what by watching them (much more useful than the statistics at the end), but i think this would be a nice addition.

although how long would it take to calculate the battles?
it would probably need to do a lot of calculations to get the battle right, so it might still take a while to calulate bigger battles

so thats my roughly 0.0345 cents on this idea

I’d really like that, when I’ve got 20 minutes to try out a few designs I don’t need to view every battle.

It’s meant as an OPTION. So you can select to turn this off.

The calculation is already done. You are just watching a “movie” of it. So the calculation takes as long as it normally takes to prepare the battle.

it would still be FAR FASTER than watching it play out at even 4x.

and as an option, no one would say you have to use it! although for balance issues, since most of the fun is seeing your fleet kill the other guy, and since i can understand how using an autoresolve feature could be a form of “taking the easy way out”, that the autoresolve could penalize the player by a very small amount for using autoresolve. that way the player would be forced to use more fleep points and get less honor. whereas the player is fully rewarded by watching the battle.

penalty or not i’d like to see it.

Actually, if memory serves; the battles are calculated in real-time. You can even get different results when viewing at 1x versus 4x.

All the same, i like this idea.

Maybe in the future, everything can be calculated in advance, and then it can run like a tape player, with fast forward and rewind, etc.

i believe there is a penalty for running it at 4x than 1x. i seem to see missiles miss more often at 4x, or battles I win handily at 1x are close calls at 4x

Well Filthgrinder, Cliffski explained a few month ago that it is not the case : We are definitaly not watching a movie, but the battle is going real time. And depending how quick you play the battle, and the performance of the battle, the outcome might be slitghly different as Cliffski’s target was optimisation rather than repetability. for example, in some case, some frame could be skipped, while if played later with more ressource on the machine, they would not.
This causes that with this version of the game at least we will never be allowed to replay the battle backward.

But yeah, I agree that a quicker resolution without graphics could be a usefull thing.

That’s interesting, I didn’t know that. But in any case, this is essentially a “dice rolling” style outcome. So I do believe an instant battle result should be doable.

Yes sadly the game is non deterministic. I would love being able to input a given seed and get the same outcome everytime I use that very same seed. That would be rather useful for tournaments/