Add an option to display ship battle stats as aggregate

  1. Right now the postmortem screen shows you stats for each individual ship. It’s a bit too much information. I would like to be able to see the data combined so that average results are displayed for each ship class. Aggregate data for your entire fleet would also be useful.

  2. Also, right now it seems that you can only see information about the first fighter in each squadron. Of course data on the entire squadron’s performance would be more useful.

  3. Attack and defense stats could be broken down either as stats against enemy fighters, frigates and cruisers or by enemy ship design. If my cruisers manage to hit fighters 20% of the time and enemy cruisers 80% of the time, an average result of 50% doesn’t tell me very much. Further breaking the information down by each weapon might be useful too since having a fast tracking weapon like a Cruiser Defense Laser is going to skew the results for the rest of the ship.

A good idea, worth adding.

Totally agree with you there, overall data would be nice, especially in very large engagements.

I’ll add my “thirded!” vote in favor of this concept. As currently implemented, the level of detail shown in the after-action stats just isn’t useful enough.

I agree, I don’t understand which ship actually performed well.

Should have some indication about total damage to shields/armor/hull …

I also second this suggestion.

It would be very cool to know how many fighters of each type have survived the battle (And maybe the average HP of the surviving ones). Counting fighters after the victory pop-up is kinda unfun (yes, counting fighters is crazy, i know)

Fifth-ed! I’ve never used the stats screen after a battle, because I simply don’t find it to be useful at all.