The New Post Battle Screen (A bit of a rant)

I’m sorry, but it’s really, really bad. Virtually useless. It’s LESS helpful than what went before. A pie chart is a ridiculous choice for this style of feedback, and it doesn;t work properly anyway. If I toggle everything off except ‘Shots missed’ then it tells me 100% of my shots missed, and so forth. I was never very good at this game, and I really needed that post battle stats screen to have any idea where I was going wrong. The new one is a disaster. Almost gamebreaking, for me at least. The old screen would tell you at a glance what ships you engaged and how much damage you did to them, it would tell you how much damage each individual module of your ship took, the bar graphs, though they didn’t tell you everything, told you far more than these new charts. Honestly, and I really do apologise to Cliff, knowing how much work he put into it, but simply swapping back to the old screen would be a vast improvement at this point.

I don’t like it either, and I made it! To be honest this (which will be in the next patch) is a far better solution anyway: … edback.wmv

I’m also considering other methods for better in-battle reporting. Possibly more helpful than post-battle stuff, where you can’t recall which ship was which anyway.

Now that is very cool! That’ll make pinpointing precise areas of weakness much easier (and also I quite like the old school look of damage values floating up the screen). Good to know there’s more coming.

I like the look of the new in-battle reporting. I would like to be able to pause the action and be able to mouse over the damage indicator and get even more information like which weapon on which ship fired that shot. As far as the Post Battle screen. The information that I really want to know is which ships/weapons/defenses were most/least effective. Bar charts with actual numbers of damage done by each ship, damage done by each weapon type, damage blocked by each ship and damage blocked by each type of defensive module are what I would really most like to know. That would give me better feedback that would more easily allow me to improve my ship designs and deployments.

Ok, having played a bit more with it and got over the initial shock of the change, I’m finding it a bit more helpful than it at first seemed. I still think it’s flawed, but my opening post was unnecesarily harsh. Sorry, Cliff.

How about his: Better?

Handy maybe for spotting turrets with a low hit ratio, or ones that are hitting but doing no damage.

That is way better than seeing percentatges at the end of the battle. Cliff, are you also planing in including something similar to the post battle screen?

I think tbh the post battle screen isn’t a very usable idea. I see no good reason to remove it, but I’d rather concentrate on stuff like this, for during the battle, than redo that screen yet again :smiley:

What I feel unconfortable with the screens, is that it gives the percentage of shots touching. It would be good too to have the quantity of damages done, to see which weapon has really been usefull.

I have 2 suggestions to help there:

  • Let us toy with these data and try different outputs. I am sure that one of us will find some good way to display the data, that you might want to include later. To do so, the game could write a file with a line per shot, with:
  • time, name of shipt, design of ship, name of weapon, name of target, design of target, nome of target module(if available),result (impact, missed,…), amount of damage.
    Add also some line such as “Module destroyed” or “ship destroyed”.

The other suggestion would be to be able to hoover during the game over a weapon and see the missed/shield hit/armor hit/hull hit stats for the weapon since the beginning of the fight

edit: Ho, I hadn’t seen that it was what you are working on…

The new system looks awesome Cliff! Although I do agree with the OP that the current one is really hard to use, specificly, is there anyway using it to find out which individual ships/fighter squadons survived the battle and which didn’t?

That looks a lot more user-friendly than the post-op. And I’m not even much of an analyzer - mostly I look at which ships got carved up due to lack of support and change the formation/loadout accordingly. But the little in-battle screen might even get me nitpicking which weapons are better than others.

Cliff, I know you are extremely busy, but any chance you will merge the old and new screens at some point? Maybe just tabs to view the old one? I like the new data, but would like the old one back.

yeah, or at the very least have it be possible to use the other system through the options menu.

which would be nice, at least then i can figure out what single ship killed all 8 of my cruisers (Damn the tribe and their immortal dreadnoughts!)